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This is a throwback post when Salah El Brogy visited Cairo in 2016:

Dancer, performer, choreographer and dance teacher Salah El Brogy was guest speaker at the British Council’s screening of Akram Khan Company’s award-winning ensemble Vertical Road. Salah was the show’s lead dancer and he goes back to his native Egypt to share his experiences and journey during his time with Vertical Road.

Salah also delivered his Extemporaneous Dance Style class over at the Cairo Contemporary Dance Center.


It has been an absolute privilege and honour to be back home to have been at the Vertical Road screening at Zawya Cinema in Cairo. It was such a pleasure to have shared my Vertical Road journey and experience with artists over there and my Egyptian brothers and sisters. Having my beloved wife and daughter with me made it even more of a family reunion. Thank you to the British Council for making this happen.

So after an intense month in and around France touring Vertical Road, I headed to Bogota in Colombia after just spending 12 hours in London! There, Vertical Road was part of the XIII Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá. Performed at the Auditorio León de Greiff, there were five back to back shows all in all.

Salah El Brogy on stage in Bogota photo by M Sanchez

The show has been received so well in Twitter. Read what the audiences have said about Camino Vertical (Vertical Road) here. Thank you / muchos gracias for all the kind words you have said about the show.

It has been an intense but beautiful time with the tour. Late 2011 saw our 100th show in France and taking a step back thinking what that meant… It meant that we have been, in just over a year, to nearly 30 countries in about 50 cities. Also, it’s great to see that Vertical Road keeps on getting received well by the audience and even the critics. Earlier this year, the production won the 12th UK Critics’ Circle Award for Best Modern Choreography.

The team had a most deserved break in December to prepare for rehearsals again in January this year and kicked off the new year with a North American tour hitting Canada’s Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec then to New Jersey. From there, it was back to London for more rehearsals and had a single UK performance in Crawley as part of the Arts Council’s Global Event. It was featured as a must see in The Independent’s Arts Agenda.

So from the UK, we headed to Doha, Qatar, which was a marvellous experience. Just like everywhere I go, I feel fortunate to meet some very interesting people. It’s great to see a growth in interest in the arts and particularly art from the Middle East. As an artist from the Middle East, I feel that there is a lot of message to convey through art and this is one of the things that motivates me.

Then last week the destination was Oslo in Norway. Had three shows at Dansens Hus. Oslo is an interesting city, the graffiti has caught my attention. There are so many messages in them and some are interesting and fun art.


Ingens Gate, Oslo, Norway


This post brings you up to date to where I am. I am in France for the rest of the month starting here in Grenoble, so anyone who wants to watch Vertical Road, please go to the Akram Khan Company website where you can see the calendar of events and links to where you can get the tickets.

Thank you for all the support and kind words.

Here is a video from the British Council about Vertical Road.

Watch it on YouTube:

Watch it on Vimeo:

It has been a while since I last wrote a blog post. So much has happened and been to so many places since 2011 started.  I’m back in London for a few days after the company’s tour of the Middle East.

Akram Khan Vertical Road production shot © Laurent ZieglerThis month, I am in France, Germany and Poland. Then in June, I will be in Belgium, Canada, France and the Czech Republic. Vertical Road continues to be well-received and thank you for all your kind words and support. You can see where we will be through the Akram Khan company website.

Just sharing the video.