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Sharing with you the highlights of my solo The Moment rehashed and performed at The Mosaic Rooms earlier this year.

Very honoured to perform at The Mosaic Rooms‘ first ever dance event. Q&A was hosted by Times critic and dramaturg Donald Hutera.


Dancer, performer and choreographer Salah El Brogy’s solo, The Moment, which was created in Morocco and premiered in London as part of Nour Festival 2014, became the first ever dance event for the stunning The Mosaic Rooms on Thursday, 25 February. A Q&A with veteran journalist and dramaturg Donald Hutera followed.


This takes The Moment outside of theatrical setting and tailored within the surroundings of the gallery.

The Moment is a 37-minute contemporary dance solo that was created in Casablanca, Morocco last year and then had its world premiere at The Tabernacle in London’s Notting Hill for Nour Festival 2014.

Here is the teaser for The Moment:

Here are some images from the creation in Morocco:

Here are some more images from Benny Williams and wide shots from Mars El Brogy, who also produced and managed the solo:

The Moment is an exploration of part of my own personal spiritual journey, exploring the state of mind in being able to understand beyond the obvious, in being able to interpret the daily messages we receive from the universe, as well as the state of mind after that moment of understanding.
Here is an interview with me talking about the process I took during creation of The Moment:

I’m hoping to tour this piece from end of this year on. I’m looking forward to sharing to audiences around the world.