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Salah El Brogy is going to be part of a line-up of visionary choreographers in this year’s fifth edition of Ignition Dance Festival produced by DanceWest.

Here’s the story in Evening Standard.

The festival launches 16 May 2018.


Salah El Brogy Company was at last night’s Nour Festival of Arts launch at Leighton House Museum.

Dancer, performer, choreographer and dance teacher Salah is part of this year’s festival line up with his contemporary dance solo on memory and memory loss entitled GLITCH. A post show Q&A follows the performance featuring Salah and a panel of experts talking about the science of memory and how to improve your memory.

SEBC Producer, Manager and Co-owner Mars El Brogy made a short speech as part of the event.

She said: “Nour Festival, as its name is aptly called, lights up the platform for Middle Eastern and North African Artists to show their work. Also, the festival gives its audiences throughout its seven years of existence an enriching, thought-provoking experience.

“It’s great to be part of a celebration of rich cultural diversity, history and world class talent – away from religious and political stereotypes.”

Salah added: “I’m delighted to have GLITCH’s European premiere at Nour Festival, which is very close to my heart.

“It makes me proud to be part of an amazing festival in London celebrating Middle Eastern and North African diversity.”

The European premiere of GLITCH is on Tuesday, November 1, 8pm at Chelsea Theatre. Get your tickets here.

Alhamdulillah I’ve been chosen as one of the six choreographers commissioned to create new work as part of Ignition Dance Festival 2016.


Thank you to Rosie Whitney-fish of DanceWest for creating such a great platform.

Congratulations to the other choreographers in this year’s festival:Cindy Claes, Thomasain Gulgec, Estela Merlos, Jane Coulston and Sally Marie.

The shows are on Saturday, 2 July at the Rose Theatre in Kingston. Please mark your diaries and hope to see you all there.

Salah’s Extemporaneous dance class is part of The Place‘s autumn professional dance class programme. It’s on for a week starting the 12th of October. You can book a place here.

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Salah El Brogy Company is proud to announce that its Artistic Director Salah El Brogy will be performing his new solo entitled Glitch at The Place, London’s Resolution! 2016. More details to follow about this exciting new project.

Check out Salah featured in the Azza Fahmy Jewellery website where he is sporting his limited edition Azza Fahmy Jewellery-designed wedding ring combining calligraphy and silver saying: “Love has brought us together so who can separate us”.

“لقد جمعنا الحب فمن يفرقنا “

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I’m delighted to announce that I’m one of the first wave of people to be nominated for Dance London’s 2015 Emerging Choreographer Award. I’m very humbled by this recognition and I wish the other nominees the best of luck. I just want to thank those who have given (and continue to) their support and for believing in me. This is the link to my nomination profile.
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