Salah Online

I’m Salah El Brogy – dancer, performer and choreographer. Originally from Egypt, I am UK-based and am Artistic Director at Salah El Brogy Company to pursue my own artistic vision.

You can follow me on Facebook or on Twitter. I am also on LinkedIn and I have a YouTube channel.

  1. Tim Cross says:

    Hi Salah,
    Hope you are well. I photographed ‘Adrenalin’ for IDFB I have just added an image from that in my portfolio, I hope you don’t mind:
    If you would like the image I am using then please feel free to contact me.
    Best wishes,
    Tim Cross

    • Salah says:

      Hi Tim, I am fine, hope you are well too. Thank you for getting in touch and no I do not mind you using my image in your portfolio. Yes, I would like the image please that will be great, looking forward to it.
      Best wishes,
      salah el brogy.

  2. chatout says:

    I saw “vertical road” in Theatre de la Ville last March. Still thinking a lot to that strong moment.
    I was completely moved, touched, overwhelmed by your presence. Let me know when you’ll dance again in Paris.

  3. Pau Estrem says:

    Dear Salah;

    I’m Pau Estrem from D-crean Dansa asociation (barcelona, spain).
    It’s long time that i’m trying to contact with you but I don’t find the way to do it. I would like to write you to your personal email to send you an invitation for a festival. Can you send me your email??? If you can’t reply here write me directly to my email,
    Thanks! Kindly

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