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Salah El Brogy is going to be part of a line-up of visionary choreographers in this year’s fifth edition of Ignition Dance Festival produced by DanceWest.

Here’s the story in Evening Standard.

The festival launches 16 May 2018.


This is a throwback post when Salah El Brogy visited Cairo in 2016:

Dancer, performer, choreographer and dance teacher Salah El Brogy was guest speaker at the British Council’s screening of Akram Khan Company’s award-winning ensemble Vertical Road. Salah was the show’s lead dancer and he goes back to his native Egypt to share his experiences and journey during his time with Vertical Road.

Salah also delivered his Extemporaneous Dance Style class over at the Cairo Contemporary Dance Center.

Currently in Edinburgh, performing in Summerhall with Protein Dance‘s Border Tales everyday except Mondays from now until 26 August.

This run of Border Tales is supported by The Placeย and it is one of three hit shows it brings to the Edinburgh Fringe. Check out the posters around Edinburgh.

Here’s the Facebook Live and article from the London Evening Standard.

What a great reception from audiences from the first preview on 4 August. Here’s a photo taken by The Place, which was shared on their Facebook fan page:

Today’s Extemporaneous Dance Style pro class. Another great session. So good to see so many who have attended since Monday. Thank you for the feedback. Back in The Place tomorrow 9-10.30am:

See you tomorrow!

Day 3 of my Extemporaneous Dance Style pro class. Great to see so many beautiful talented dancers! Back in again tomorrow at 9.00-10.30am at The Place:

Much love and peace to you.


Day 2 with my Extemporaneous Dance Style pro class at The Place. If you’ve missed it, you’ve got tomorrow 9am – 10.30am and the rest of the week to join something out of this world! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Brilliant start to the week with my Extemporaneous Dance Style professional class at The Place this morning. Thank you to the talented and beautiful dancers who attended today’s session. I’m back in again tomorrow and the rest of the week 9am – 10.30am: Hope to see you there!