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Don’t miss GLITCH at Nour Festival on Tuesday, November 1, 8pm at Chelsea Theatre: GLITCH is my contemporary dance solo on memory, memory loss and in response to my collaborator Alice Anderson’s “Memory only exists when it is recalled…” Catch the post-show talk talking about the science of memory with Professor Nicky Clayton (Rambert’s in-house scientist) and how to power up your memory (Michael Tipper) and chaired by veteran arts journalist Donald Hutera.

With thanks to Ideas Tap Innovators Fund and Hiive for their support.


Salah El Brogy Company was at last night’s Nour Festival of Arts launch at Leighton House Museum.

Dancer, performer, choreographer and dance teacher Salah is part of this year’s festival line up with his contemporary dance solo on memory and memory loss entitled GLITCH. A post show Q&A follows the performance featuring Salah and a panel of experts talking about the science of memory and how to improve your memory.

SEBC Producer, Manager and Co-owner Mars El Brogy made a short speech as part of the event.

She said: “Nour Festival, as its name is aptly called, lights up the platform for Middle Eastern and North African Artists to show their work. Also, the festival gives its audiences throughout its seven years of existence an enriching, thought-provoking experience.

“It’s great to be part of a celebration of rich cultural diversity, history and world class talent – away from religious and political stereotypes.”

Salah added: “I’m delighted to have GLITCH’s European premiere at Nour Festival, which is very close to my heart.

“It makes me proud to be part of an amazing festival in London celebrating Middle Eastern and North African diversity.”

The European premiere of GLITCH is on Tuesday, November 1, 8pm at Chelsea Theatre. Get your tickets here.

Dancer, performer and choreographer Salah El Brogy’s solo, The Moment, which was created in Morocco and premiered in London as part of Nour Festival 2014, became the first ever dance event for the stunning The Mosaic Rooms on Thursday, 25 February. A Q&A with veteran journalist and dramaturg Donald Hutera followed.


This takes The Moment outside of theatrical setting and tailored within the surroundings of the gallery.

The Moment is a 37-minute contemporary dance solo that was created in Casablanca, Morocco last year and then had its world premiere at The Tabernacle in London’s Notting Hill for Nour Festival 2014.

Here is the teaser for The Moment:

Here are some images from the creation in Morocco:

Here are some more images from Benny Williams and wide shots from Mars El Brogy, who also produced and managed the solo:

The Moment is an exploration of part of my own personal spiritual journey, exploring the state of mind in being able to understand beyond the obvious, in being able to interpret the daily messages we receive from the universe, as well as the state of mind after that moment of understanding.
Here is an interview with me talking about the process I took during creation of The Moment:

I’m hoping to tour this piece from end of this year on. I’m looking forward to sharing to audiences around the world.

Hurriyah (which means ‘freedom’ in Arabic) is a collaboration with award-winning musician Nitin Sawhney, calligrapher Soraya Syed and Yeast Culture. It is a response piece to Soraya’s calligraphic animation that resulted in a solo that was performed at Leighton House Museum for Nour Festival 2013.

Check out Hurriyah’s trailer:

I was also interviewed by journalist Tam Hussein for Al-Majalla Magazine just before the first performance of my solo. There, I talk to him about my beginnings from engaging in martial arts at such a young age, the true views about dance from where I come from and motivation behind dancing. Here is the interview:

Have a look at the Hurriyah gallery, pics taken by Ros Chesher:


It has been a very busy year and so much has happened since my last entry here. So here is an update of what I have been up to.

Vertical Road
I finished Vertical Road in December last year. It has been a big journey for me as a dancer and as a person and it has been brilliant working with Akram Khan and everyone that was involved in the production. I have been to so many cities around the world and I just wanted to thank all of those who have gone to see the show. I hope you all enjoyed it and it was great to hear back and meet some of you – thank you for your kind words.

Akram Khan Vertical Road

Salah El Brogy Company
I am very happy to announce that Salah El Brogy Company is now set up. I am looking forward to developing my solos and doing more collaborative work. I feel that this is the next step of my journey and to go beyond being a performer. I will definitely keep you all up to date with all the company’s activities but for now, a lot of ground work is being planned and made.

Breakin’ Convention
At Easter time, I was part of Breakin’ Convention’s All Star show at Sadler’s Wells as part of BC’s 10th year anniversary. I was performing for Company Decalage’s ConsuMorphosis, which was a contemporary piece mixed with street dance. It was nice to go back to my hip hop / street dance roots and I look forward to getting involved again at next year’s convention.

On stage at Breakin' Convention

Company Decalage collaboration
Development time earlier this year has been spent with Company Decalage’s Mickael “Marso” Riviere as we both decided to go on a journey and do a duet together. My wife, who is also my manager, has introduced me to Marso’s work as she had seen my spirit in his work. I had seen it too and so I felt that it would be artistically nice to explore what both of us can do together. Marso and I then became part of this summer’s Choreodrome when we spent two solid weeks putting together elements of our duet that remains untitled at the moment. In prepation for this, I have taken inspiration from the Irish playwright Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”. This work is being supported by DanceXchange and The Place. We will soon be going into creation and production, which I am excited about and will be premiered at International Dance Festival Birmingham and The Place’s Spring Loaded next year.

Border Tales for Protein
Another journey that I am taking is with Luca Silvestrini. Border Tales is a new production from Protein Dance directed by Luca and devised by us, the performers. It touches on the issues of race, identity and explores the notion of ‘us’ and ‘them’. Creation started this summer, which was a real challenge as it bang in the middle of the Holy month of Ramadan. We had a three-week residency in Dusseldorf in Germany at Tanzhaus NRW doing some more creation and thanks to the Tanzhaus for all the support. This production is also going to be premiered at IDFB and The Place next year and will be on tour in Ipswich, Bath and Manchester as well.

Hurriyah for Nour Festival of Arts
I’ve been commissioned to do a response piece to an animation entitled Hurriyah (Freedom) devised by Islamic art calligrapher Soraya Syed. The music is created by Nitin Sawhney, a composer that I really admire, who also did the music for Vertical Road. I will be taking the animation to the next level in which I show how the human body can react to the words and how the spirit of the words can appear through the body. I will be performing my solo in the intimacy of Leighton House Museum’s gallery tomorrow as part of the Royal Kensington and Chelsea Borough’s Nour Festival of Arts.

Performing Hurriyah

As if the year is not busy enough, I am making sure that I invest in my own professional development and have been attending various talks, workshops and classes. Special thanks go to Gecko Theatre, Dance UK, The Place and Hofesh Shechter Company. Watch this space for updates and please go to my fan page for more up to date information.

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend ahead. Much love and respect.