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Last night’s Resolution 2017 at The Place featuring my latest work, Letting Go, which was originally supported by DanceWest.

So much love for the brilliant Jane Hobson for the amazing set of photographs she took.

Thank you to Mars El Brogy, Producer/Manager for Salah El Brogy Company; Jane Hobson for Photography; Kar Jabr for Rehearsal Directing and Performing and Antony Hately for Lighting.

And thank you to The Place, for all the well-wishes, feedback and those who came to watch last night.


* Genuine * Universal * Archetypal * Moving sculpture


These are what people who had seen Salah El Brogy’s latest solo Letting Go thought of. If you want to watch, you can book your tickets here: It’s on Friday, February 24, 2017 at The Place as part of Resolution 2017. #res2017

Fresh from its premiere at Rose Theatre Kingston, dancer, performer and choreographer Salah El Brogy performed his latest solo, Letting Go at Oxford’s Old Fire Station as part of GOlive.

Curated by Times critic and dramaturg Donald Hutera, Letting Go was part of a four-day dance festival that’s under the Dancin’ Oxford 2016 umbrella.

Here are some pics from tech:


An artist/audience member was “left speechless” after the performance:


Here’s a review:


My new solo Letting Go has been performed in London and Oxford this month. Premiering at the Rose Theatre Kingston as part of DanceWest‘s Ignition Dance Festival 2016 and then at the Arts at the Old Fire Station as part of GOlive 2016, I’m really grateful to be part of a team of artists and producers who continue to work on providing a platform for performance. Just sharing some Letting Go production pics by the brilliant performing arts photographer Jane Hobson taken at the Rose Theatre earlier this month.

“The most complete and rounded dance theatre came in the opener by Salah El Brogy…” said dance writer and critic Graham Watts. Read his whole review with here.


In the Q&A, audiences described Letting Go as:

  • Genuine
  • Universal
  • Archetypal
  • Moving sculpture

Catch Letting Go over at Oxford’s Old Fire Station as part of GOlive on Thursday, 14 July: