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Today’s Extemporaneous Dance Style pro class. Another great session. So good to see so many who have attended since Monday. Thank you for the feedback. Back in The Place tomorrow 9-10.30am:

See you tomorrow!


Day 3 of my Extemporaneous Dance Style pro class. Great to see so many beautiful talented dancers! Back in again tomorrow at 9.00-10.30am at The Place:

Much love and peace to you.


Brilliant start to the week with my Extemporaneous Dance Style professional class at The Place this morning. Thank you to the talented and beautiful dancers who attended today’s session. I’m back in again tomorrow and the rest of the week 9am – 10.30am: Hope to see you there!

Here are some pictures from my Extemporaneous professional dance class at The Place. Thank you to The Place for giving me the opportunity to share my Extemporaneous dance style and to all those early birds who attended for the week.

I’m delighted to announce that I’m one of the first wave of people to be nominated for Dance London’s 2015 Emerging Choreographer Award. I’m very humbled by this recognition and I wish the other nominees the best of luck. I just want to thank those who have given (and continue to) their support and for believing in me. This is the link to my nomination profile.
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