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Last night’s Resolution 2017 at The Place featuring my latest work, Letting Go, which was originally supported by DanceWest.

So much love for the brilliant Jane Hobson for the amazing set of photographs she took.

Thank you to Mars El Brogy, Producer/Manager for Salah El Brogy Company; Jane Hobson for Photography; Kar Jabr for Rehearsal Directing and Performing and Antony Hately for Lighting.

And thank you to The Place, for all the well-wishes, feedback and those who came to watch last night.


Here are some more rehearsal photos at The Place, London. Pictures taken by the brilliant Jane Hobson.

So pleased creation time ended on a high. Thank you so much to everyone who have been involved in that period especially with the support of IdeasTap Innovators Fund.

Producer: Mars El Brogy
Visual Artist: Alice Anderson
Dramaturg: Donald Hutera
Lighting Designer: Antony Hately

ماشاء الله ولا قوة الا بالله

GLITCH is on February 19, 2016 at the Robin Howard Theatre, The Place, London:

This week was the start of the creation for contemporary dance solo GLITCH.

“Memory only exists when it is recalled…’” says visual artist Alice Anderson.

But what happens when you recall these memories and they don’t exist? Glitch looks into the state of mind when you can’t access your own memories.

Here are some photos from today’s session at The Place, London. With massive thanks to the brilliant Performing Arts Photographer Jane Hobson.

Don’t miss GLITCH on February 19. Buy your tickets here.