Letting Go at Ignition Dance Festival 2016

Posted: July 4, 2016 in Letting Go

Still feeling the buzz over performing his latest solo, Letting Go, Salah El Brogy is proud to share some images taken by the brilliant Jane Hobson.

Check out more from Jane’s site:

Here is Salah’s interview with DanceWest about his solo:

It was a brilliant day yesterday over at the Rose Theatre Kingston. Many thanks to DanceWest and the Rose Theatre technical team for all the support they have given on the day. Furthermore, Salah El Brogy Company would like to thank DanceWest for its overall support and for commissioning Letting Go as part of Ignition Dance Festival 2016. Here are some images from the day:

Some tweets from the night:




The evening of performances culminated with a Q&A with all the choreographers and chaired by Times critic and Festival dramaturg Donald Hutera:


Here are some of the comments from the chalk board about the night:

Salah will be performing Letting Go over in Oxford’s Old Fire Station as part of GOlive on 14 July.


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