Salah El Brogy Company had the honour of being part of The Place’s Resolution 2016’s final night. It was amazing to be able to share my new solo, GLITCH over there. I just want to thank everyone who has supported me and those who were involved during creation and production times, those who sent well-wishes and to those who attended the show last week.

I’d like to thank my collaborators: visual artist Alice Anderson, veteran journalist and dramaturg Donald Hutera, performing arts photographer Jane Hobson and lighting designer Antony Hately. With big thanks to the support of The Place and Hiive/IdeasTap Innovators Fund. Many thanks to my Producer Mars El Brogy.


Please head to my Facebook fan page to see some more photos for GLITCH.

The piece has been received well.

Here’s what veteran journalist Donald Hutera thought – originally written for Resolution 2016 Review:

Resolution Friday February 19

Resolution 2016 ended with a finely varied trio of works kick-started by Salah El Brogy’sGlitch, a carefully layered solo about memories and their loss for which I supplied dramaturgical feedback. A sinuously strong, sensual dancer whose big presence is matched by a dark mane of hair, El Brogy roamed the stage like a restless lion. For him cultural pleasure – cued to the music of the great Egyptian singer Oum Kalthoum – is broken by pain associated with a disordered mind. It’s remarkable that his struggles, expressed via visceral physicality and judicious bilingual text, don’t feel heavy. Whether plunging into backbends, or stamping a foot before collapsing to the floor, there’s a searching wit, sensitivity and authentic sense of discovery in El Brogy’s performance that make every moment count.

And here’s what Maya Pinder wrote for her Resolution 2016 review:

Beginning the final night of Resolution! 2016, Salah El Brogy presents a raw and pensive solo performance in Glitch. El Brogy examines the struggle of accessing memories, combining strong spoken word in his native Arabic and an animalistic physicality. Clever use of lighting and alarm sounds point to a ‘malfunction’ that brings El Brogy’s dynamic sequences of capoeira-style hurling arms and percussive shifts to an abrupt halt. ‘It’s like… the words… disappear from…’ he stumbles and falters, trying to force a memory back to life. Glitch is, above all, sincere. Despite the possible language barrier of using Arabic, I feel drawn into El Brogy’s struggle.

Also, it was so lovely reading what has been written on the Resolution 2016 wall too:

All in all a great night shared with Yukiko Masui and Pro Motion. Have a read at John O’Dwyer’s review of the last night of Resolution 2016 here, which includes GLITCH.


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