The Race, which was part of The Place’s Resolution! 2015, is a 25-minute contemporary dance piece with five dancers involving live cameras (to visually provide different perspective of what the audience can see on stage) and video art. The Race is my personal observation of the world criticising and reflecting my rejection for what human beings have turned out to be today (soaked in materialistic life / MTV generation) and have been animals to each other in physical, spiritual and power/political levels (resulting in undisciplined armies, racial conflict, colonising each other’s homes, countries, even brains, killing each other, destroying each other and even ourselves bit by bit), which eventually all melts down into the notion of survival of the fittest where despite humans having emotional intelligence, the rules of the jungle still very much apply.

Here are some images from the brilliant Jane Hobson featuring my collaborators Michael Kelland, Jordan Ajadi, Dang Hai Dao and Nicola Migliorati:

The Race made it to The Times:
The Race featured in The Times

Here is the teaser:

Check out the review from


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